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Maria Luisa Ruiz Cabello Maria Luisa Ruiz Cabello aus Spain schrieb am November 27, 2014
The apartment is pretty good; It is spacious, comfortable and fully equipped. Moreover, in general, it looks pretty clean and renovated. It is well located and although it is at the foot of a road, there is too much movement and sleeps pretty well. The owner is a lovely person and very concerned about the welfare of their guests. He lives in one of four apartments (a sign that the location is good) and pays special attention to the care of the property (the grounds are immaculate). It is very accessible in every way; helped us in everything that was offering all the amenities at your fingertips. Even the first day we did a tour himself by indicating nearby where we could shop and eat. In short, the same apartment was one of the strengths of our holiday and definitely would recommend it to anyone who asked me for advice.
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